DIY Elastic Bookmarks


Cute, huh?

Cute and very easy to make!

All you need is some 1mm elastic in any colour, some beads and some charms of your choice (as you can see, I love music!).

bookmark equipmant

  1. Cut enough elastic to go around the book, plus about an inch extra to allow for knotting.
  2. Place charm approx. two thirds from the top of the elastic, and knot it into place.
  3. Arrange the other beads (and spacers if desired!) either side of the charm.
  4. Knot the two ends of the elastic, such that it is slightly shorter than the circumference of the loop is slightly smaller that the diameter of the cover of the book vertically.
  5. Singe the loose ends of the elastic, so it does not fray.

Et voila! A beautiful, handmade, personalised bookmark! Makes a lovely gift (and also great as a gift to yourself!)


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